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Very often our patients come in to find us talking about the trails we rode or the waves we surfed over the weekend. It is part of our corporate culture to stay healthy and play a lot. Some offices sponsor soccer teams, some have a baseball league, ours has an action sports team.

We believe recreation is crucial to a good life. So is exercise. It's even better when the two come together. To us this happens on either a surfboard or a mountain bike. This blog highlights surf contests, surf sessions, mountain bike races and rides. Our team is always getting into something fun on a weekly basis. You will be able to keep up with the team's activities by checking out the blog periodically.

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Dr. Cerqueira, Daniel and staff.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stand up paddle surfing in the mountains of North Carolina

George Vanderbilt never imagined he would have surfers cruising through his property when he chose to build America's most famous mansion on the outskirts of Asheville, NC. He also did not realize the impact on outdoor recreation he would make when he donated thousands of acres to what is now Pisgah national forest.
This past weekend we got to experience both the Biltmore and Pisgah National Forest from Vanderbilt's perspective, but with a twist.
We went to Asheville and brought not only the customary mountain bikes, but also two stand up paddle boards. The idea was to ride singletrack in Pisgah one day and paddle a class I stretch of the French Broad river the next.
We can climb up to the top of the mountain before plunging downhill on our mountain bikes. We could not, however, paddle 7 miles up river in order to flow down river. After a little bit of research we found just what we needed.
Asheville Outdoor Center is a great outfitter that provides shuttles up river on the French Broad. The staff is super nice and very knowledgeable at the same time. They provided us with valuable instruction (very needed despite our experience surfing stand up paddle boards in the ocean) and very, very important safety tips,as rivers are a lot more dangerous than the ocean - the first ever stand paddle boarding fatality was on a river.
Running the French Broad on paddle boards was an amazing experience. We were able to sprint, cruise leisurely, go down rapids, SUP yoga, surf standing waves and even have a picnic:)
Big thanks to CB Surfshop for the amazing C4 ten-thirty paddleboard and Asheville Outdoor center
We highly recommend this trip...and so does Jennifer Lawrence from "Hunger Games"!
(Photo below taken by Asheville Outdoor Center when Jennifer Lawrence and film crew went paddling with them)

The Hunger Games cast & crew, SUP at AOC

Getting ready to begin

 Shuttle vehicle

Surfing small river wave

Another wave, small but very fun

100 year old barn in the background. Part of Biltmore

Biltmore house in the background